Date: 03/18/2009

Gary Hausler Water Importation


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08:06 AM -- Gary Hausler Water Importation Presentation

Gary Hausler, a retired mining engineer from Gunnison, discussed his background in engineering and as a farmer. He explained where Colorado currently gets water and discussed the current and future demand for water in the state. He provided an executive summary of his presentation (Attachment A).


08:12 AM

Mr. Hausler discussed the Colorado River Compact and how water from the Colorado River is used. He described an alternative importation plan to divert water from the Mississippi River.

08:16 AM

Mr. Hausler discussed the phases of developing a "Central Plains Compact" and the estimated costs of the project and how such a project could be funded.

08:23 AM

Mr. Hausler discussed the environmental and agricultural advantages of the project. He also described some of the challenges, which he deemed to be primarily political.

08:26 AM

Mr. Hausler described some possible next steps for moving the idea forward.

08:34 AM

Mr. Hausler answered questions from the committee.

08:39 AM -- Presentation from the Division of Wildlife and the Wildlife Management Public Education Advisory Council

08:40 PM

Jeff Rucks, representing the Public Education Advisory Council and the Division of Wildlife, gave a brief presentation about the history of the Public Education Advisory Council and their media plan to educate the public about wildlife management. A description of the media program and budget were provided to committee members ahead of time (Attachments B and C). Mr. Rucks also introduced Chris Russell who represents Eagle Claw, and Eric Coe who represents the Public Education Advisory Council. Mr. Rucks answered questions from the committee.

090318AttachB.pdf 090318AttachC.pdf

08:49 AM

Mr. Russell explained that from a marketing perspective, he believes that the advertising money had been spent wisely through the campaign.

08:50 AM

The joint committee adjourned.