Date: 02/05/2009

BILL SUMMARY for HB09-1176


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11:50 AM -- House Bill 09-1176

Representative Green, prime sponsor of House Bill 09-1176, testified regarding the merits of the bill. Representative Green provided copies of Amendments L.006 and L.003 to the committee (Attachments G and H). Representative Green responded to questions from the committee members.

090205AttachG.pdf 090205AttachH.pdf

12:00 PM

Mr. Jerry Payne, Office of Legislative Legal Services, responded to questions from Representative McFadyen on licensing and permitting procedures in statute.

12:04 PM

Representative McFadyen asked for witnesses to testify regarding the bill.

12:04 PM --
Mr. Steve Williams, representing the National Driver Training Institute, testified in opposition to the bill. Mr. Williams asked clarifying questions pertaining to the amendments. Mr. Jerry Payne, Office of Legislative Legal Systems, responded. Mr. Williams stated concerns on graduated licensing.

12:09 PM -- Mr. Mike Rossi and Ms. Doreen Rossi, representing the Western Slope Driving Institute, testified in opposition to the bill. Ms. Rossi provided copies of "Defensive Driving Course 4" and various materials related to youth driving education (Attachment I). Mr. Rossi stated current statistics on young drivers involved in accidents. Mr. Rossi offered suggestions for stronger requirements. Representative Green responded to Mr. Rossi's suggestions.


12:24 PM -- Mr. Mark Stolberg, representing Master Drive, testified in opposition to the bill.

12:31 PM -- Mr. Ben Baron, representing the Drive Safe Driving School, testified in opposition to the bill.

12:34 PM --
Mr. John Johnson and Ms. Dorathy Johnson, representing the Western Slope Driving Academy, testified regarding the bill. Mr. Johson offered suggestions that the committee consider including definitions in statute on driver education, driver training, and driver awareness.

12:40 PM -- Mr. John Zielinski, representing St. Vrain Valley School District, testified regarding the bill.

12:42 PM --
Ms. Annmarie Jensen, representing, testified in support of the bill. Ms. Jensen provided a handout to committee members (Attachment J).


12:47 PM --
Ms. Melanie Sealy and Mr. Russell Sealy, representing themselves, testified regarding the bill. Ms. Sealy described an automobile accident in which her daughter lost her life, and discussed her family's efforts to encourage safe driving. Ms. Sealy asked that the committee consider strengthening the bill. Mr. Sealy further discussed his experiences due to unsafe driving.

1:06 PM

Representative McFadyen stated that the bill will be considered at a later date for final action.