Date: 12/02/2008

Testimony of Mr. Paul Craft


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10:10 AM -- Testimony of Mr. Paul Craft

Mr. Paul Craft, Senior Partner and Consultant, Freeman, Craft, McGregor Group, testified before the commission. Mr. Craft explained his background as it pertains to electronic voting systems, system certification, and election certification, and discussed the work of his firm. Mr. Craft first addressed a couple of points touched upon during Dr. Wallach's testimony as they pertain to an electronic voting machine failure in Florida, and issues pertaining to protection of vendor source codes. Mr. Craft then discussed requirements placed on electronic voting machine vendors by other states.

10:21 AM

Mr. Craft continued to discuss how other states contract with electronic voting machine vendors, and rules in place in these states regarding voting machine purchases. Mr. Craft also discussed electronic voting machine certification programs in place in other states, and certification standards promulgated by the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission. Mr. Craft then discussed the effect of human error on electronic voting system failures.

10:31 AM

Mr. Craft turned his discussion to electronic voting system security, and efforts by voting system vendors to improve security. Mr. Craft next provided his recommendations regarding how Colorado should improve the security of electronic voting systems, including the element of trust. Mr. Craft returned to the element of human error in instances of electronic voting machine failure.

10:41 AM

The commission recessed.

10:51 AM

The commission returned to order. Mr. Craft discussed ways to limit human error in the use of electronic voting systems, and ways in which Colorado can structure its voting systems certification process. Mr. Craft then compared the benefits and disadvantages of various types of voting systems, including electronic and paper-based systems.

11:01 AM

Mr. Craft discussed the problems associated with making changes to existing voting systems. Mr. Craft returned to making voting system recommendations for Colorado, and how to implement changes, including specific recommendations regarding statutory and rulemaking authority.

11:11 AM

Mr. Craft continued making recommendations for voting system reform in Colorado, including addressing the treatment of vendor software source codes. Discussion ensued regarding states where a system of uniform voting system equipment purchasing is in place. Mr. Craft responded to questions regarding the participation of county clerks and election administrators in the voting system certification process, the types of voting systems used in certain states, and the use of paper ballot systems in New Mexico. Mr. Craft responded to questions regarding the certification process in place in certain eastern states, and the importance of including computer experts in the voting system certification process. Discussion ensued regarding the appropriate level of security testing during the system certification process.

11:22 AM

Mr. Craft responded to questions regarding the post-election audit process, and the review of voting system source codes. Discussion ensued regarding a comparison of licensed drivers and registered voters in Colorado. Discussion returned to voting system source codes, and the ramifications of making vendor source codes public. Mr. Craft responded to questions regarding the impact of a state or states mandating public source code disclosure on the ability of such states to secure a vendor.