Date: 04/28/2009

BILL SUMMARY for HB09-1176


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04:13 PM -- House Bill 09-1176

Senator Williams, prime sponsor, presented House Bill 09-1176, concerning the driving privilege of minor drivers, and, in connection therewith, enacting the "Kayla Sealy Demars Driver's Safety Act." She described the provisions of the bill, and spoke specifically in regard to driver training requirements in the bill. She noted that current driver permit holders are "grandfathered" under current law.

The following persons testified in regard to House Bill 09-1176:

04:23 PM --
Wayne Tully, representing the National Driver Training Institute, supported House Bill 09-1176. He said that many changes have been made to minor driving laws in recent years and that Colorado's law in this area in very complex. He commented on problems he has identified with the current law and on the potential impact of the bill. He commented on his work with the Home School Association in regard to the development of the bill.

04:38 PM

Senator Williams said that House Bill 09-1176 will simplify Colorado law in this area.

04:39 PM --
Jery Payne, representing the Office of Legislative Legal Services, commented on amendments that were made to the bill in the House of Representatives.

04:54 PM -- Ronn Langford, representing Master Drive, said that the bill will simplify the law in this area and commented on the provisions of the bill. He said that the age of 16 is the most dangerous driving year for teenagers, and that correspondingly the preparation of 15 year-old youths for driving is critical.

04:58 PM -- Mark Stolberg, representing Master Drive, commented on the educational process for driver training. He noted that Colorado's requirements for driver training no longer apply when a teenager reaches 18 years of age. He said that too many kids are killed and injured in automobile accidents. Senator Williams noted that insurance rates for teenagers drop when driver training is completed.

05:05 PM -- Ken Hughes, representing the American Driving Academy, supported House Bill 09-1176, and commented on driver training requirements in Colorado law. He said that the cost of traffic accidents caused by 15 to 17 year-old drivers in the United States exceeds $40 billion annually.

05:15 PM --
Chuck LaMonaca, representing National Driver Training, said that he has been involved with driver training for 35 years and that driver training is a great benefit to teens.

05:18 PM --
Bobby Juchem, representing the Colorado State Patrol, said that the Patrol currently has a neutral position on House Bill 09-1176. He added that the Patrol supports driver instruction of teens. He commented on the "Alive-at-25" program.

05:21 PM --
Annmarie Jensen, Denver, representing herself, commented on the "Alive-at-25 program." She also commented on penalties in House Bill 09-1176 and on restrictions that can be imposed on young drivers. She said that the increase in the level of fines in House Bill 09-1176 is intended to "gain the attention of teen drivers."

05:37 PM

Senator Gibbs laid the bill over.