Date: 01/16/2009

Presentation by the Colorado Council of the Arts


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02:15 PM -- Presentation by Colorado Council of the Arts

Ms. Elaine Mariner, Colorado Council on the Arts, began by handing out two publications: Arts & and the Economy(Attachment I), and A 2008 Study of Arts and Education in Colorado Public Schools(Attachment J). Ms. Mariner discussed the various jobs in Colorado that are tied to the arts sector. She stated that a company's decision about where to locate its business is often influenced by factors such as the availability of a creative workforce and the quality of life. She noted that companies that choose to move to Colorado and offer jobs tied to the arts have added 186,000 jobs to Colorado's workforce in past years. Overall, jobs tied to the arts make up 3.9 percent of the state's jobs, which is the fifth largest industry in the state. Ms. Mariner noted that total earnings amount to about $5 billion per year.

(the full version of Attachment J can be viewed at Archives)

The committee discussion continued on the number of jobs tied to the arts industry in Colorado. Ms. Mariner responded to the discussion by commenting on the number of artists that have moved from other Western states to Colorado. She noted that Colorado has a lot of incentives to offer this working community and the industry promotes itself. Ms. Mariner suggested growing jobs at the state level by creating a Governor's task force that looks at creating new jobs through the arts community.

Ms. Mariner closed the discussion by talking about the pending film incentives bill (HB 09-1010) and highlighted the need for the state to promote film-making in Colorado. The committee closed by discussing the companies that have relocated to Colorado and are tied to the arts community. The committee agreed that the industry is important to Colorado.

02:47 PM

The committee adjourned.