Date: 01/28/2009

Colorado Transcript Center


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08:15 AM -- Colorado Transcript Center

Dan Domagala and Jerry Taylor from the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) came to the table to talk about the Colorado Transcript Center (CTC). Mr. Domagala provided a handout (Attachment B), which contained information about the topics covered in the presentation:


Mr. Domagala began his discussion by talking about the Longitudinal Data Systems Grant that was awarded to CDE in July of 2007. He described the three primary initiatives funded by the grant, which include automating EDFacts Federal Reporting, enabling transfer of electronic student records and transcripts, and enabling wider access to longitudinal data analysis and reports.

He described the goals of the Colorado Transcript Center, which are to reduce the time required for schools to receive accurate records for transferring students; to help districts save money, staff time, and resources; and to improve transmission security and help prevent transcript fraud.

08:20 AM

Mr. Taylor provided an overview of the National Transcript Center (NTC), talking about each state that contracts with the NTC.

Next, Mr. Taylor talked about the current status of the Colorado Transcript Center project, saying it is fully operational. He described how districts become members of the CTC. He directed the committee to pages in the handout illustrating the CTC home page. He walked through the page with members, describing each portion of it.

08:28 AM

Mr. Taylor responded to a question from Senator Bacon about privacy issues around the transfer of records.

Mr. Taylor responded to questions from Senator King about what would be involved in rolling the CTC out to all districts in the state. He provided information about the interoperability of the system. Conversation between Mr. Taylor and Senator King on these issues, as well as funding issues, ensued.

Representative Benefield asked for information about what it costs a district to sign up for the CTC. Mr. Taylor explained that now, under the grant period, there would be no cost to districts. Committee discussion of district costs continued. Mr. Taylor talked about a Texas study of the cost of using a system such as the CTC versus the cost of transferring transcripts other ways.

08:37 AM

Representative Todd asked for information on the process being used to notify districts about the CTC. Mr. Taylor explained that under the grant, the NTC is initiating communications with districts, and the CDE is the overseer of the project.

Mr. Taylor responded to a question about the districts that are using the CTC, referring the committee to the handout for a list of districts.

Representative Solano commented on issues faced by foster children who move from school to school, and said the CTC would seem to take care of that issue as well. Mr. Taylor responded, saying a document such as an IEP can be appended to the transcript.

Mr. Domagala commented that the CDE is working to notify districts of the CTC. Mr. Taylor said the NTC is also working to contact counselors in school districts about the CTC. He explained that demonstrations are webinars. Committee discussion about the CTC outreach continued.

08:45 AM

The committee adjourned.