Date: 01/20/2009

Briefing by the Joint Budget Committee


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01:37 PM -- Briefing by the Joint Budget Committee

The chair called the joint meeting to order.

Representative Marostica, representing the Joint Budget Committee, introduced the members of the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) present at the hearing. Representative Marostica explained that the JBC has conducted detailed staff briefings on the FY 2008-09 budget for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Representative Marostica stated that CDOT does not receive general funds. Rather, cash, reappropriated, and federal funds support CDOT. However, all three of these sources are declining. Representative Marostica further explained the budget proposal, supplemental information on CDOT's responsibilities, and various projects planned and underway. Representative Marostica discussed the issue of hiring freezes and the number of positions affected (Attachment A).


Senator Renfroe asked about construction maintenance figures reflected in Attachment A. Representative Marostica and Senator Tapia recommended that such questions be directed to CDOT during the later part of the agenda.

Representative McFadyen asked for an estimated loss of Highway Users Tax Fund revenues for the state in the coming year. Representative Marostica replied that the figure is approximately $100 million. He further stated that federal stimulus funds are unable to be factored into the budget due to uncertainty surrounding the stimulus package. Further discussions ensued regarding revenues.

01:57 PM -- Representative Marostica proceeded to discuss the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Representative Marostica stated that the PUC brought forward one spending issue to the JBC. There were no questions from committee members regarding the PUC.

01:59 PM -- Representative Marostica proceeded to discuss the Governor's Energy Office (GEO). Representative Marostica stated that the GEO made a request for FY 2010-11 for approximately $1.3 million in funds. Representative McFadyen asked a clarifying question regarding grant funding for the GEO.

02:01 PM --
Representative McFadyen thanked the JBC members for their work and presentation.