Date: 09/16/2009

Colorado Department of Transportation Update


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09:08 AM -- Colorado Department of Transportation Update

Ms. Melissa Nelson, Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), responded to questions provided by committee members during the August 26, 2009, committee meeting. A handout responding to specific committee member questions was provided (Attachment A). Mr. K.C. Matthews, representing the CDOT Safety and Traffic Engineering Office, provided an overview to the committee on the CDOT transportation safety efforts. Several years ago, traffic accidents resulted in the deaths of several transportation workers in Pueblo. Mr. Matthews discussed new CDOT polices implemented in response to the accidents. CDOT has also upgraded safety devices, such as replacing cones with barrels to indicate traffic work zones. Mr. Matthews also discussed statistics related to traffic work during night hours and associated public perception.


09:18 AM

Mr. Matthews discussed the use of temporary bumper strips made from recycled materials. Temporary bumper strips are more effective and do not require the use of rebar. Mr. Matthews stated that CDOT safety planning extends from the project planning stage through completion. CDOT has also solicited feedback from transportation workers to determine new means of ensuring a safe work environment for employees and contractors.

09:25 AM

Mr. Matthews responded to questions from committee members. Representative King asked if CDOT worker training has any cost to local governments and agencies. Senator Gibbs discussed other states that have signage indicating criminal penalties for drivers who hit a transportation worker in a designated work zone.

09:29 AM

Mr. Rick Tenuta, representing the CDOT Office of Transportation Safety, discussed specific steps taken to ensure the safety of transportation workers. Mr. Tenuta discussed the CDOT "100 Days of Safety" campaign. Mr. Tenuta responded to questions from committee members. Representative Baumgardner asked Mr. Tenuta and Mr. Matthews to discuss worker safety gear and apparel.

09:37 AM

Representative King commended Mr. Tenuta and Mr. Matthews on the visibility of workers' safety apparel. Representative Fischer asked about standards and procedures in place for contractors with repeat safety violations or accidents. Mr. Matthews discussed CDOT processes to record contractor accidents which impact future contract bidding and selection.

09:47 AM

Representative McFadyen discussed the Charles Mather Act and contractor safety standards. Representative McFadyen also asked Mr. Tenuta and Mr. Matthews to discuss collaboration with the Colorado State Patrol and other stakeholder organizations to ensure safety in work zones.

09:55 AM

Representative McFadyen discussed federal fines for safety violations. Mr. Matthews further discussed the use of subcontractors and related safety standards.

10:00 AM

Ms. Nelson discussed the handout provided to the committee members (Attachment A). Mr. Herman Stockinger, CDOT Office of Government Relations, updated the committee on the current status of state projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Representative McFadyen asked Mr. Stockinger to work with committee staff to provide detailed job creation data to the committee members. Senator Kopp asked Mr. Stockinger to discuss how CDOT prioritizes bridges slated to receive funding for rehabilitation or repair. Senator Kopp also discussed the metrics of establishing a bridge's rating.

10:10 AM

Senator Kopp further asked Mr. Stockinger to discuss funding sources for bridge projects. Representative Primavera requested additional information on the handouts and asked if the Department of Revenue can determine total revenue raised from Senate Bill 09-108 surcharge provisions by location, region, or district. Senator Williams asked Mr. Stockinger to comment on additional projects. Senator Spence asked Ms. Nelson to discuss Senate Bill 09-108 late fees and funds credited.

10:21 AM

Representative Looper asked Ms. Nelson and Mr. Stockinger to comment on the total late motor vehicle registration fee revenue expected to be generated by Senate Bill 09-108. In addition, Representative King asked Mr. Stockinger to discuss the national bridge rating standards.

10:26 AM

Mr. Stockinger discussed planned pavement marking projects, specifically in mountain areas.