Date: 01/14/2009

Joint Budget Committee


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03:24 PM -- Joint Budget Committee

Senator Tapia from the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) distributed the Summary of FY 2009-10 Joint Budget Committee Budget Briefings(Attachment B) and introduced the members of the JBC to the committee: Senator White, Senator Keller, Chair of the JBC, Representative Marostica, Representative Pommer, Vice Chair, and Representative Ferrandino. He said he would be speaking from the summary book. He showed the fiscal year 08-09 appropriations report and explained that the fiscal year ends June 30, but the 08-09 report was established on estimates which may need to be reviewed again because the projections may not be met. Senator Tapia explained the table on page one for each department and stated that the state runs on about $18.6 billion.


03:33 PM

Senator Mitchell noted that there was much debate over the 08-09 budget and wanted to point out that it was a partisan vote. Senator Keller discussed the deficit at the federal level. A discussion ensued about last year's budget and vacancy savings by the departments.

03:50 PM

Senator Tapia began talking about each department the House and Senate Business Committees oversee. He walked the committee through the Department of the Governor on page 20 of the summary report and pointed out the two divisions within that department the committee oversees: the Office of Information Technology and the Office of Economic Development and International Trade. Senator Tapia discussed the budget request between the Department of the Governor's FY 2008-09 appropriation and its FY 2009-10 request. Senator Tapia moved on to the Department of Labor and Employment on page 53 of the summary report. Representative Rice talked about the Unemployment Insurance fund. Senator Tapia talked about the Department of Personnel and Administration on page 75 of the report and pointed out that the biggest piece of the department is human resources. Senator Tapia concluded with the Department of Regulatory Agencies on page 93 of the report.