Date: 08/21/2009

Parking on the Pavers in the Capitol Circle


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10:23 AM -- Parking on the Pavers in the Capitol Circle

Ms. Contiguglia noted that issues have arisen with vehicles parking in the area at the foot of the steps on the west side of the Capitol circle and causing damage to the pavers and the bollards. She discussed options for solving the problem. Ms. Contiguglia suggested that language be added to the "Request for Use of State Capitol Complex Facilities" to address parking. Committee conversation ensued, with discussion about where large vehicles could be accommodated. The committee asked to hear from State Patrol and Norm Brisson in the Governor's Office on this issue at the next meeting. Mr. Lee noted that there is money available for repairs to stonework around the Capitol, and said he would be meeting with Mr. Shepherd next week to identify projects.