Date: 03/04/2009

State Land Board


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08:04 AM -- State Land Board

John Brejcha, Acting Director State Land Board, in the Department of Natural Resources, introduced members of the State Land Board and staff.

08:06 AM

Michele Bloom, State Commissioner, provided a brief overview of the role of the State Land Board in holding state lands in trust for the support of public schools. Mr. Brejcha described the content of a packet provided to the committee members (Attachment A) including a map of State Land Board Surface Ownership.


08:09 AM

Mr. Brejcha described the function of the State Land Board and the organizational location of the board in the Department of Natural Resources. He answered questions from the committee concerning the surface ownership map. Representative Curry requested that a map be provided that shows the board's mineral estate.

08:14 AM

Tobin Follenweider, Chief Financial Officer, described the Investment and Development Fund report (available on the homepage of the Colorado State Land Board at He discussed a variety of the board's income generating assets. In response to questions from the committee, he explained the board's lease rates. Representative Curry requested additional information about the grazing lease rate increase. Mr. Follenweider discussed the implications of Senate Bill 09-22 and explained the differences between trust land and public land.

08:24 AM

Mr. Follenweider answered questions from the committee regarding residential leases. He also explained that trust land is managed for the benefit of the state's public schools. Mr. Follenweider answered questions from the committee about state lands near Pinon Canon and the possible expansion of the Fort Carson Army Base training range in the area. The committee also asked questions about the history of land acquisitions by the State Land Board.

08:32 AM

Mr. Follenweider discussed the ability of the board to acquire and dispose of land.

08:33 AM

Larry Routin, Real Estate Section Manager, discussed Lowry Range Land Use Zones (Attachment B) and answered questions about the proposed reservoirs shown in the attachment.


08:42 AM

Mark Davis, Minerals Director, discussed royalty rates in Colorado in comparison to other nearby states and how the board determined that state could raise royalty rates. Mr. Davis responded to questions from the committee about terms in leases that impose a limitation on the time leases can sit undeveloped. He also responded to a question about surface owners knowing when the state is leasing mineral rights. He indicated that the State Land Board's web site was the best way to access this information.

08:50 AM

The Joint Agriculture Committee adjourned