Date: 01/29/2009

Discussion about Active Capital Projects


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08:07 AM -- Discussion About Active Capital Construction and Controlled Maintenance Projects

Committee members received a spreadsheet showing the remaining balance of capital construction project appropriations, prepared by the Office of the State Controller and Legislative Council Staff (Attachment B). Committee members also received the Governor's latest budget balancing proposal (Attachment C). Representative Riesberg said that state agencies and higher education institutions are not finding many additional places to cut capital expenditures. Discussion ensued. Mr. Larry Friedberg, State Architect, Department of Personnel and Administration, addressed a question about possible cost-saving measures that state agencies and institutions of higher education can undertake. Senator Penry said he thought that more cost savings are possible because higher education projects included in the November 6 certificates of participation (COP) issuance budgeted for aggressive construction inflation costs. Discussion ensued. Mr. Friedberg addressed specific questions about what projects are included in the Office of the State Architect's Level 1 controlled maintenance recommendations and explained the difference between the total funds recommended for Level I projects on his list versus the Governor's Office of State Planning and Budgeting (OSPB) list of recommendations.

090129AttachB.pdf 090129AttachC.pdf

Ms. Lisa Esgar, Deputy Director, OSPB, addressed a question about the source of funds for the four FY 2009-10 recommended projects listed in Attachment C and explained why OSPB recommends that the Higher Education Maintenance and Reserve Fund be used to address the current economic recession. Discussion ensued.

08:19 AM

Discussion continued about the use of the Higher Education Maintenance and Reserve Fund and higher education projects included in the November 2008 COP issuance.

08:26 AM

Committee members received a handout detailing potential inflation savings identified by higher education institutions for projects included in the November 2008 COP issuance, prepared by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and Legislative Council Staff (Attachment D). Ms. Esgar addressed questions about the Colorado State Penitentiary II High Custody Expansion COP project. She explained that construction on the new prison is not complete and that the Governor has delayed its opening until 2010.


08:31 AM

Ms. Jennifer Moe, Legislative Council Staff, addressed questions about specific projects listed on Attachment B. Discussion ensued about Attachment B.

08:37 AM

The meeting adjourned.