Date: 03/05/2009

Colorado Alliance for Health and Independence


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03:35 PM -- Colorado Alliance for Health and Independence

The representatives of Colorado Alliance for Health and Independence (CAHI) introduced themselves. Larry Alflen, Executive Director of CAHI, introduced the CAHI board members who were in attendance. A copy of their presentation was distributed to the committee (Attachment C).


03:37 PM

Mark Simon, CAHI, described the creation of CAHI. He stated that it began in 2004 at the impetus of the executive director of the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing and the disability community. He explained that the CAHI program was originally based on a Massachusetts program that had a high satisfaction rate in serving individuals with disabilities. Mr. Simon explained that the program was statutorily authorized in 2006, and that by statute, CAHI must be a consumer-based, nonprofit entity. The organization has received an appropriation from the legislature and funding from grants.

03:39 PM

Larry Alflen, CAHI, introduced a video on caring for individuals with disabilities.

03:45 PM

Kelly Stahlman, CAHI, described how individuals with disabilities experience the current health care system. She stated that the vision of CAHI is to make the health care system make sense.

03:48 PM

Mr. Alflen noted that Senate Bill 06-128 was the impetus for the creation of CAHI. He explained that CAHI's strategy is to improve the quality of life and health care for people with disabilities by coordinating a cost-effective network of integrated care.

03:49 PM

Kelly Wilson, CAHI, described the benefits of CAHI. Ms. Stahlman described the primary care component of the CAHI system.

03:55 PM

Laurel Karabatsos, Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, stated the department's support for the CAHI program. She stated that the department's goals include developing systems to address the needs of disabled individuals. She stated that the department looks forward to contracting with CAHI next year. Mr. Alflen responded to questions from Representative Acree regarding the interaction of CAHI with the community centered boards. Mr. Alflen responded to questions from Representative Kefalas regarding whether a fiscal analysis of the CAHI program has been completed. Ms. Stahlman stated that the program will not necessarily save money, but will provide better value. Representative Riesberg commented on the CAHI initiative. The committee adjourned.