Date: 07/29/2009

Brad Young


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10:24 AM -- Presentation by Brad Young on TABOR

Brad Young, former state legislator, discussed the TABOR amendment and its long-term effects. A copy of his testimony is provided as Attachment D. He provided graphs (Attachment E) illustrating the size of government as a percent of state personal income. He discussed his experiences and lessons learned regarding the state budget while serving as a legislator. He indicated that a lawsuit may be brought against the state if the state does not address TABOR because TABOR may violate Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution which requires a "republican form of government." Responding to commission member Carol Boigon's question regarding a comparative analysis of government size, Mr. Young recommended a book titled, "The Cost of Government."

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10:35 AM

Mr. Young and Representative Gerou discussed differences between direct democracy and a republican form of government. He also discussed an appropriate limit on government as a percent of personal income. He also discussed how to establish trust and accountability in government by informing voters on the size of government and tax changes. Mr. Hume and Mr. Young discussed the use of personal income as a measure limiting budget growth.