Date: 04/01/2009

Castle View High School


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08:13 AM -- Castle View High School

Lisle Gates, principal of Castle View High School, introduced the presenters and shared a handout with committee members (Attachment B). Mr. Gates also provided information on his educational background. He explained that Castle View High School has been open for three years, and that he was tasked with opening the new school, with a focus of establishing a school using a high school reform model. He noted the pressure on educators to provide a better education experience for students.


08:16 AM

He described three high school reform models: Breaking Ranks II, 21st Century Skills, and Redesigning Schools. He also listed the different academies at Castle View High School. He explained how the academy model works, noting that each student must pick an academy, but can switch academies if they do not like the selected academy. He further explained that the school does not have departments.

08:21 AM

Cheyenne Miller, a student at Castle View High School, shared her experience at the school as a student in the Visual and Performing Arts Academy. She explained that her teachers teach her in a way that she can understand and learn. She noted how classes are integrated with several subjects. She walked the committee through a typical school day at Castle View.

08:28 AM

Dr. Gates reviewed the cornerstones of reform. He asked the legislators to support principal leadership and staff development programs. He explained that the school practices site-based budgeting and noted the advantages for the school. He discussed the school's "three R's": relationships, relevance, and rigor. He shared the different types of internships students have participated in.

08:34 AM

Michael Schneider, lead English teacher at Castle View High School, shared his experience as a teacher in the academy model and in the traditional model. He explained how the English curriculum is tailored according to the academy in which they are registered.

08:43 AM

Dr. Gates discussed the importance of relevant learning, and that students pick a pathway within an academy. He reviewed the role of professional learning communities in the school, advisement time, and what he has learned from opening a new school with the academy model.

08:47 AM

The committee adjourned.