Date: 01/27/2009

Briefing by the Governor's Energy Office


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03:21 PM -- Briefing by the Governor's Energy Office

Director Tom Plant, representing the Governor's Energy Office (GEO), testified before the committee. Director Plant provided copies of his presentation to committee members (Attachment A). Director Plant stated that two main focuses of the GEO are on buildings and job creation. He also provided information on GEO programs, as well as on targeted goals and accomplishments.


03:36 PM

Director Plant took questions from the committee members. Representative Looper asked how many federal funds are received by GEO. Director Plant responded that approximately $1 million is received through the federal government with a funding match requirement. Director Plant also discussed potential funding opportunities through the federal stimulus bill under consideration by Congress.

03:50 PM

Director Plant responded to questions on renewable energy costs per kilowatt hour, specifically pertaining to wind and solar energy. Representative King asked Director Plant who determines the diversity of the Clean Energy Fund and its uses. Representative King stated that hydropower and clean coal technology are not included in the Clean Energy Fund.

03:56 PM

Representative Fischer stated that constituents have contacted him pertaining to wind power and associated aesthetic and environmental problems, and asked how such concerns are addressed. Director Plant stated that local communities are responsible for issues of placement that determine aesthetic impact. A process is in place to address wildlife issues, and new wind towers have led to reduced risk to bird populations. Representative Fischer expressed additional concerns for Division of Natural Resources employees to have a forum to address wildlife-related issues.

04:01 PM

Representative McFadyen thanked Director Plant for his testimony.