Date: 02/03/2009

Discussion About Freeze Effect on Certain Capital Projects


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08:24 AM -- Discussion About Freeze Effect on Certain Capital Projects

Representative Riesberg reminded the committee of some of the discussion that occurred on January 29 and mentioned two projects that have been identified by the Governor's Office of State Planning and Budgeting (OSPB) to be frozen, including: 1) Colorado State Veterans Center at Homelake - Domiciliary Renovation; and 2) Suicide Risk Mitigation. Representative Riesberg explained some potential consequences of freezing state funding for these two projects including the loss of federal funding and possible lawsuits. Discussion continued about the potential consequences of the spending freeze on these projects, and whether capital projects frozen by the Governor are currently under construction.

Mr. Larry Friedberg, State Architect, Department of Personnel and Administration, explained how the list of capital projects included in the spending freeze was developed. He said his office provided a status report for all capital projects to OSPB in December, and his office is currently re-reviewing all frozen projects to determine if they are under construction. In response to a question, Mr. Friedberg said his office is only looking at the portion of a project that is funded with General Fund.

08:34 AM

The committee agreed to continue discussion about the freeze effect on certain capital projects at its February 5 meeting. The committee adjourned.