Date: 04/28/2009

BILL SUMMARY for HB09-1246


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05:37 PM -- House Bill 09-1246

Senator Morse, presented House Bill 09-1246, concerning the evaluation of driving schools attended as a result of a court order resulting from a violation of a law regulating the operation of a motor vehicle. He said that House Bill 09-1246 will provide oversight of schools that provide driver education at the order of a court.

The following persons testified in regard to House Bill 09-1246:

05:39 PM --
Jackie Martin, representing the Colorado Safety Resource Center, commented on her previous work with the California Highway Patrol. She commented on the need to monitor driver training programs. She said that upon moving to Colorado in recent years she became aware that there is no oversight of such schools in Colorado.

05:44 PM --
Lawrence Gentilucci, representing Traffic Safety Consultants, supported House Bill 09-1246.

05:45 PM --
Michael Murray, representing Street Smart Driving School, opposed House Bill 09-1246, and commented on current regulations applicable to his industry. He noted that driving schools are currently certified by the Colorado Department of Revenue and must be approved for the provision of classroom instruction. He said that, as the operator of a driving school, he is bonded and finger-printed. He said that he is subject to a background check by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and is visited annually by an inspector. He said that he believes that his business is adequately regulated at present, and that he has an "at-will" relationship with the courts who are his employer. He noted that seven driving schools are currently approved to serve the Denver County courts.

05:53 PM --
Mark Whitney, representing the National Corrective Training Institute, commented on the functions of his company, and on referrals that are made to his company by the courts. He commented on his efforts to ensure the high integrity of his business.

06:04 PM

Senator Gibbs laid the bill over.

06:04 PM

The committee meeting adjourned.