Date: 04/23/2009

Interim Schedule


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08:35 AM -- Interim Schedule

Representative Riesberg introduced the possibility of committee travel during the 2009 interim and summarized his understanding of the House and Senate position on expending moneys for travel during the economic recession. He explained that there is money available for the committee to travel during the 2009 interim and said that there are several new buildings that the committee has not seen in Pueblo and at the Anschutz campus in Aurora. Committee members expressed their interest in travelling during the interim and explained their positions regarding incurring travel expenses during a budget crisis. Representative McFadyen suggested a trip to the Colorado State Penitentiary II, High Custody Expansion project currently under construction in Pueblo. Discussion turned to possible interim meeting dates. The committee considered meeting dates in June, October, and December. Senator Kopp suggested a trip to various sites in Jefferson County. Discussion continued about possible interim meeting dates and the committee set a tentative meeting schedule. The committee decided to meet when the next economic forecast is presented to the Joint Budget Committee, either June 18 or 19, 2009; October 23, 2009, as needed; and December 1-4, 2009, to consider FY 2010-11 requests.

08:53 AM

The committee adjourned.