Date: 01/22/2009

Longitudinal Growth Model Briefing


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02:21 PM -- Longitudinal Growth Model Briefing

Dr. Rich Wenning, associate commissioner of CDE, provided an update on the Colorado Growth Model. He shared the student growth interface, which is software that tracks student progress, that the department has developed. He explained that the goal is to roll out the software in March for statewide use at the district level.

02:29 PM

Dr. Wenning noted that the growth model is more than a mathematical calculation, and demonstrated how the software works. He reviewed the four categories of growth: high growth/high achievement, high growth/low achievement, low growth/low achievement, and low growth/high achievement. He explained that the department uses this data to figure out which schools need support the most. He also showed how the software can demonstrate the data by school district, grade, and school.

02:35 PM

Dr. Wenning explained that CSAP data is used to create the data plots in the software, and reviewed the growth model data for Monument High School. He emphasized the software's capability to benchmark against other schools. He also reviewed individual student data as it is presented in the interface. He noted that the department has been travelling throughout the state to present the software to school districts. Dr. Wenning explained that the Colorado tool is unique, and has been shared with organizations in Washington DC and used by other states.

02:40 PM

Representative Merrifield commended the department for seeking school district and teacher input to create a tool that will be useful for the state. Commissioner Jones explained that there is a plan to move this data to the parental level, and that there is also a video explaining the software in English and Spanish. He also noted that the department averages 800,000 hits per month on its website.

02:44 PM

Commissioner Jones noted that CDE is still receiving s steady stream of private funding for this work, despite the current economic downturn.

02:45 PM

The committee adjourned.