Date: 01/16/2009

Committee Discussion on Legislation


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11:12 AM

The meeting was called to order. A quorum was present.

Senator Schwartz opened the meeting by recognizing the members of the Business Advisory Board. She also recognized Jan McCoy, a volunteer who has been assisting her.

11:12 AM -- Committee Discussion on Legislation

The committee began discussion on the list of proposed committee bills (Attachment A) and whether to recommend these bills to the General Assembly. Senator Schwartz and Representative Rice stated that the committee would discuss each bill, ask if any members had an objection, and approve each bill to be included on the list. A packet that included six introduced bills was distributed to the committee (Attachment B).

09JobCreation0116AttachA.pdf 09JobCreation0116AttachB.pdf

The following persons testified:

11:29 AM --
Representative Joe Miklosi testified about a bill he plans to introduce. This bill proposes to create a loan program for individuals to invest in energy improvements in the residential sector. The objectives of the proposed legislation include increasing property values, providing job creation, and protecting the environment. He asked the committee to support his efforts.

11:34 AM --
Representative John Kefalas testified about his proposed bill, House Bill 09-1105, which was not included on Attachment A. The bill would provide an investment tax credit to encourage new businesses. He urged the committee to support his proposal.

11:36 AM

The committee continued to discuss the list of bills included on Attachment A. Members raised questions about including number 19, proposed legislation by Senator Schwartz to expand the tax exemption for wind energy to other industries. After discussion and with no objections, the bill remained on the list.

After discussion, number 27, proposed legislation by Senator Schwartz to create a loan program for Fast Track, was eliminated from the list.

In final deliberations, items 1 through 26 and item 28 remained on the list of bills to be further considered by the committee. House Bill 09-1105 was also added to the final list.