Date: 07/17/2009

Basement Interactive Display


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10:11 AM -- Basement Interactive Display

Representative Weissmann reported that a temporary display should be displayed on the interactive exhibit in the basement. Legislative Information Services (LIS) has been directed to take the lead on this project. Representative Weissmann said LIS is finalizing an RFP for a non-web-based system for the display. Leaders Challenge, the organization that was originally chosen to maintain the display, was paid to do so, but did not do the work and has not yet returned the money it was paid. Representative Weissmann explained that the money is needed in order to move forward with the RFP. He responded to committee questions about Leaders Challenge and where the money is housed. Ms. Eddins reported that Leaders Challenge also handled funding for the voting booth that is scheduled to be installed in Mr. Brown's Attic. The committee discussed ongoing maintenance of the interactive displays.