Date: 03/25/2009

CSU Veterinarian Lab


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08:04 AM -- Colorado State University Veterinarian Lab

Tony Frank, Interim President of Colorado State University (CSU) explained how the agriculture and livestock programs at CSU benefit Colorado's Economy.

08:06 AM

Lance Perryman, Dean of the College of Veterinarian Medicine and BioMedical Sciences, introduced Dr. Barbara Powers and thanked the committee for the opportunity to make the following presentation.

08:06 AM

Dr. Barbara Powers described the CSU Diagnostic Medicine Center that is scheduled for completion in December of 2009 (Attachment B). This three story, 90,000 square foot building will house the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Clinical Pathology, CSU Extension Veterinarian and APHI Laboratory. It will cost $45 million to build. She explained how the lab will serve three primary missions of service, teaching, and research. The facility will conduct over 500,000 tests each year. The laboratory is a core member of the National Animal Health Laboratory Network; a state and federal partnership with United States Department of Agriculture. It is also a member of the Laboratory Response Network; a partnership with the public health and Centers for Disease Control.


08:20 AM

Dr. Powers identified animal disease testing programs that are conducted for the agricultural industry and owners of companion animals including testing for livestock diseases. It will also test for transmissible diseases in wildlife, including chronic wasting disease (Attachment C). She also described the design of the Diagnostic Medicine Center and responded to questions from the committee.