Date: 03/16/2009

BILL SUMMARY for HB09-1200


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03:19 PM -- House Bill 09-1200

Senator Scheffel, prime sponsor, presented House Bill 09-1200, concerning a requirement that the staff of the legislative council consider certain factors relating to counties in the local government impact section of a fiscal note. He expressed some discomfort with the naming of the organization "Colorado Counties, Inc." in the text of House Bill 09-1200.

The following persons testified in regard to House Bill 09-1200:

03:27 PM --
Jim Bensberg, El Paso County Commissioner, supported House Bill 09-1200. He said that House Bill 09-1200 is a "good government bill." He said that the bill codifies current practice regarding the preparation of fiscal notes, and will provide an avenue for communication between the counties and state government. He said that House Bill 09-1200 will improve the fiscal note process. He noted that legislation does have a fiscal impact on counties and that the county commissions are not always aware of the legislation.

03:37 PM --
Kathy Moan, representing the Joint Initiatives for Youth and Families, supported House Bill 09-1200. She said that the bill will provide important information to counties.

03:39 PM --
Andy Karsian, representing Colorado Counties, Inc. (CCI), supported House Bill 09-1200. He reiterated that House Bill 09-1200 will codify existing practice. He said that, in the majority of cases, CCI currently has sufficient time for input into regarding the preparation of fiscal notes. Senator Cadman said that he is not sure that House Bill 09-1200 is necessary. Mr. Karsian commented on the means by which the fiscal impact on counties will be determined under House Bill 09-1200.

03:46 PM --
Janis Baron, representing the Legislative Council Staff, noted the sponsors of proposed legislation are not made known to state agencies when the draft bills are sent out for comment on fiscal impact. She commented on the process by which a local fiscal impact will be obtained under House Bill 09-1200. She said that the Legislative Council Staff currently sends bill drafts for comment to Colorado Counties, Inc., and to the Colorado Municipal League. She said that it would not be problematic to change the effective date of House Bill 09-1200 in order for the legislation to be in place for the 2010 legislative session. She noted that the original version of the bill required that the Legislative Council Staff canvass all 64 Colorado counties for potential fiscal impacts.

04:02 PM

Senator Williams took House Bill 09-1200 off of the table with the intention of placing the bill on the calendar at the committee's next meeting, at which it will be heard for action only. The committee recessed briefly.