Date: 01/29/2009

Colorado Rural Electric Association Presentation


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09:43 AM -- Colorado Rural Electric Association Presentation

The committee was called to order. A quorum was present. Mr. Tom Compton, President, and Mr. Ray Clifton, Executive Director, both of the Colorado Rural Electric Association (CREA), and Mr. Lee Boughey, Senior Manager of Communications and Public Affairs, Tri-State Generation and Transmission, made a short presentation to the committee about providing electricity in rural areas. Committee members received a packet of information about electric cooperatives in the state, prepared by CREA (Attachment A). Mr. Compton explained the organization of electric cooperatives in the state. Committee members also received a handout outlining Mr. Boughey's presentation, prepared by Tri-State Generation and Transmission (Attachment B). Mr. Boughey said his business, Tri-State Generation and Transmission, is a nonprofit, wholesale power supplier owned by 44 electric cooperatives and public power districts. Mr. Boughey walked the committee through Attachment B and told them that one of the goals of his organization is to develop new technology to improve energy efficiency.

(Attachment A can be viewed at Archives) 09senlgAttachB0129.pdf

09:55 AM

Mr. Boughey continued his presentation and highlighted new initiatives related to energy efficiency in which local cooperatives are currently engaged.

10:06 AM

Mr. Boughey addressed questions about standards requiring the integration of renewable energy sources into the existing electric grid. Discussion ensued.

10:10 AM

Mr. Clifton told the committee that the electric industry, including electric cooperatives, is at a crossroads. He said the industry faces new challenges associated with generation, transmission, and rate setting, and that the industry has an aging infrastructure. Mr. Clifton continued by talking about the impact of raising service rates in parts of the state that have a per capita income below the state average. Mr. Clifton and Mr. Boughey addressed a question about the need to build additional infrastructure to address transmission needs. Senator Schwartz thanked the presenters.