Date: 02/10/2009

Discussion Regarding House Bill 09-1018


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10:38 AM -- Discussion Regarding House Bill 09-1018

Representative Paul Weissmann, Majority Leader of the Colorado House of Representatives, entered into a discussion with the commission regarding House Bill 09-1018, concerning the removal of obsolete language in statutory provisions implementing the statewide voter registration and election system for the purposes of compliance with the federal "Help America Vote Act." Committee members received copies of the introduced bill (Attachment C), and the bill as amended by the House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee (Attachment D). Representative Weissmann provided background on the bill. Mr. Richard Coolidge, representing the Secretary of State, provided additional background and clarification on the bill. Mr. Coolidge explained the function of an amendment to the bill passed by the House committee. Discussion ensued regarding the opinion of county clerks and others on the amendment, and the technical clean-up nature of the bill. Discussion followed regarding certain language in the pre-amended version of the bill.

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10:48 AM

Discussion ensued regarding the Majority Leader's desired course of action on House Bill 09-1018 by the commission, and the potential for the General Assembly to refrain from pursuing legislation that changes the elections statutes until the commission issues its findings.

10:50 AM

The commission recessed.