Date: 12/02/2008

Presentation by Mr. Chuck Patrick - Slipglass Inc.


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01:57 PM -- Presentation by Mr. Chuck Patrick, Slipglass Inc.

Mr. Chuck Patrick, Master Process Modeler, Slipglass Enterprise Information Security Architects, presented a model of the Colorado election process. Commission members received a packet of background information on the model presented by Mr. Patrick (Attachment B). Mr. Patrick provided background on the model and modeling approach, and discussed its purpose. Mr. Patrick then explained the model he has created for the Colorado election process.

02:08 PM

Mr. Patrick continued to walk the commission through the model he has created that summarizes the Colorado election process. Mr. Patrick then discussed a flow chart showing the interaction between federal and state election laws, rules, and processes (contained in Attachment B). Finally, Mr. Patrick discussed the mission of the modeling project and the issues that need to be addressed going forward. Mr. Patrick responded to questions regarding how the modeling approach can be used to better understand a complicated process.

02:20 PM

Discussion ensued regarding the capacity for using Mr. Patrick's model as a tool for better understanding the Colorado election process.