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Comm Summary03:11 PM07:13 PMFinal
Bill Summary Final
Moved to amend Page 6 of the reengrossed bill, line 10, strike "FIFTY" and substitute "SIXTY", line 13, strike 'FIFTY" and substitute "FORTY". The motion failed on a vote of 3-4.Final
Moved to amend Page 6 of the reengrossed bill, strike lines 7 through 17, line 18 strike "sub-subparagraph (A) of this subparagraph (I), the", and substitute "THE", line 19, strike "MAY" and substitute "SHALL". Committee discussion followed about the proposed amendment. The bill was laid over without taking action on this amendment.Final
Moved to refer House Bill 09-1327 to the Committee of the Whole. Amendments to the bill were considered and none were approved. The bill was laid over unamended at 7:12 p.m.Final
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