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Staff MemberDepartmentsPhone
Hide details for Accountant IIAccountant II
Rector, BerthaLCS303-866-3524
Willis, IngridLCS303-866-2019
Hide details for Accountant IVAccountant IV
Walsh, Tracy LCS303-866-4743
Hide details for Administrative AssistantAdministrative Assistant
More, MichelleJBC303-866-2587
Ormsby, SariethaJBC303-866-2061
Hide details for Administrative Assistant to Majority LeaderAdministrative Assistant to Majority Leader
Berckefeldt, DenisSEN303-866-5549
Hide details for Administrative Assistant to President ProTemAdministrative Assistant to President ProTem
Spencer, DionSEN303-866-4856
Hide details for Administrative Officer 1BAdministrative Officer 1B
Whatley, DelphineLCS303-866-3521
Hide details for Ass't Enrolling ClerkAss't Enrolling Clerk
Lohmeyer, AnnHOU303-866-2300
Hide details for Ass't Sergeant-at-ArmsAss't Sergeant-at-Arms
Will, TomHOU303-866-2971
Hide details for Assignable ClerkAssignable Clerk
Altstadt, PatriciaHOU303-866-2028
Kittler, MaryHOU303-866-2028
Spillane, Marjorie JHOU303-866-2028
Hide details for Assistant Assignable ClerkAssistant Assignable Clerk
Carr, NateSEN303-866-4839
Devers, MichaelSEN303-866-4839
Hide details for Assistant DirectorAssistant Director
Chapman, DanielLCS303-866-4798
Godshall, DebLCS303-866-4776
Hide details for Assistant Enrolling ClerkAssistant Enrolling Clerk
Healey, VictoriaSEN303-866-4836

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