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Pink Book\d. Senate Committees


Hide details for Agriculture and Natural ResourcesAgriculture and Natural Resources
9 Members:Senator Isgar, Chairman; Senator Hanna, Vice-Chairman; Chlouber, Gordon, Hagedorn, Hanna, Hillman, Musgrave, Phillips, Taylor
Hide details for AppropriationsAppropriations
10 Members:Senator Reeves, Chairman; Senator Tate, Vice-Chairman; Chlouber, Hernandez, Lamborn, Linkhart, Nichol, Owen, Phillips, Teck
Hide details for Business, Labor, and FinanceBusiness, Labor, and Finance
7 Members:Senator Fitz-Gerald, Chairman; Senator Takis, Vice-Chairman; Lamborn, McElhany, Nichol, Phillips, Taylor
Hide details for EducationEducation
9 Members:Senator Matsunaka, Chairman; Senator Pascoe, Vice-Chairman; Anderson, Arnold, Cairns, Evans, Fitz-Gerald, Tupa, Windels
Hide details for Government, Veterans and Military Relations, and TransportationGovernment, Veterans and Military Relations, and Transportation
7 Members:Senator Nichol, Chairman; Senator Tupa, Vice-Chairman; Entz, Isgar, May, Takis, Teck
Hide details for Health, Environment, Children & FamiliesHealth, Environment, Children & Families
7 Members:Senator Hernandez, Chairman; Senator Hagedorn, Vice-Chairman; Dyer (Arapahoe), Epps, Evans, Hanna, Linkhart
Hide details for JudiciaryJudiciary
7 Members:Senator Gordon, Chairman; Senator Linkhart, Vice-Chairman; Arnold, Dyer (Arapahoe), Hernandez, Hillman, Windels
Hide details for Public Policy and PlanningPublic Policy and Planning
7 Members:Senator Pascoe, Chairman; Senator Perlmutter, Vice-Chairman; Andrews, Matsunaka, McElhany, Musgrave, Thiebaut
Hide details for Senate ServicesSenate Services
3 Members:Senator Matsunaka, Chairman; Senator Thiebaut, Vice-Chairman;
Hide details for Agriculture and Natural ResourcesAgriculture and Natural Resources
Members:Senator Isgar, Chairman; Representative Hoppe, Vice-Chairman; House Agriculture, Senate Agriculture
Hide details for Capital DevelopmentCapital Development
Members:Representative Lawrence, Chairman; Senator Phillips, Vice-Chairman; Larson, McElhany, Miller, Windels
Hide details for Colorado Commission on TaxationColorado Commission on Taxation
Members: Paul Schauer, Chairman; Bill Schroeder, Vice-Chairman; Chavez, Christensen, Feeley, Kalenberger, King, LeGare, McCallin, Palmero, Poluson, Rogers, Saliman, Stengel, Teck
Hide details for Computer ManagementComputer Management
Members:Representative (None), (None), Chairman; Representative (None), (None), Vice-Chairman; Hagedorn, Madden, May, Paschall, Phillips, Plant, Scott, Teck
Hide details for Executive Committee of the Legislative CouncilExecutive Committee of the Legislative Council
Members:Senator Matsunaka, Chairman; Representative Dean, Vice-Chairman; Andrews, Grossman, Spradley, Thiebaut

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