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Staff MemberDepartmentsPhone
Hide details for AbortionAbortion
Barry, JerryLLS303-866-4341
Hide details for Accounting/Payroll/Fiscal RulesAccounting/Payroll/Fiscal Rules
Rector, BerthaLCS303-866-3524
Walsh, Tracy LCS303-866-4743
Willis, IngridLCS303-866-2019
Hide details for ADA ServicesADA Services
Chapman, DanielLCS303-866-4798
Hide details for Administrative Rule Review and Administrative Procedure ActAdministrative Rule Review and Administrative Procedure Act
Brackney, ChuckLLS303-866-4329
Cartin, DanLLS303-866-4331
Haskins, DebbieLLS303-866-2313
Hide details for AdoptionAdoption
Gilroy, JenniferLLS303-866-4327
Haskins, DebbieLLS303-866-2313
Hide details for Affirmative ActionAffirmative Action
Miller, BartLLS303-866-2173
Hide details for AgricultureAgriculture
Beaujon, DavidLCS303-866-4781
Cybyske, PamLLS303-866-4215
Gall, DuaneLLS303-866-4335
Pasternak, AllisonLCS303-866-2428
Tammeus, SteveLCS303-866-2756
Hide details for Air QualityAir Quality
Gall, DuaneLLS303-866-4335
Hill, JimLCS303-866-4790
Miller, BartLLS303-866-2173
Morris, ThomasLLS303-866-4218
Nachtrieb, ScottLCS303-866-4752
Pasternak, AllisonLCS303-866-2428

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