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Pink Book\j. House Committees of Reference


Hide details for Agriculture, Livestock, & Natural ResourcesAgriculture, Livestock, & Natural Resources
11 Members:Representative Hoppe, Chairman; Representative Webster, Vice-Chairman; Alexander, Hodge, Jameson, Johnson, Miller, Plant, Rippy, Snook, Tochtrop
Hide details for AppropriationsAppropriations
13 Members:Representative Young, Chairman; Representative Berry, Vice-Chairman; Lawrence, Lee, Madden, Nunez, Paschall, Plant, Saliman, Scott, Stengel, Tapia, Vigil
Hide details for Business Affairs & LaborBusiness Affairs & Labor
11 Members:Representative Williams T., Chairman; Representative White, Vice-Chairman; Borodkin, Fairbank, Jameson, Kester, Larson, Marshall, Miller, Paschall, Rhodes
Hide details for Civil Justice & JudiciaryCivil Justice & Judiciary
9 Members:Representative Mitchell, Chairman; Representative Lee, Vice-Chairman; Bacon, Boyd, Jahn, Johnson, Madden, Snook, Stengel
Hide details for Criminal JusticeCriminal Justice
11 Members:Representative Hefley, Chairman; Representative Lawrence, Vice-Chairman; Alexander, Chavez, Clapp, Decker, Groff, Romanoff, Smith, Spence, Veiga
Hide details for EducationEducation
11 Members:Representative Spence, Chairman; Representative King, Vice-Chairman; Bacon, Daniel, Groff, Hefley, Lee, Nunez, White, Williams S., Williams T.
Hide details for FinanceFinance
11 Members:Representative Stengel, Chairman; Representative Fairbank, Vice-Chairman; Cloer, Fritz, Garcia, Jahn, King, Marshall, Sanchez, Scott, Tapia
Hide details for Health, Environment, Welfare, & InstitutionsHealth, Environment, Welfare, & Institutions
11 Members:Representative Clapp, Chairman; Representative Stafford, Vice-Chairman; Boyd, Cloer, Crane, Rhodes, Romanoff, Sanchez, Schultheis, Tochtrop, Witwer
Hide details for Information & TechnologyInformation & Technology
11 Members:Representative Paschall, Chairman; Representative Cadman, Vice-Chairman; Coleman, Fritz, Hodge, Lawrence, Madden, Marshall, Mitchell, Rippy, Vigil
Hide details for Legislative EthicsLegislative Ethics
3Members:Representative Spence, Chairman; Senator Takis, Vice-Chairman;
Hide details for Local GovernmentLocal Government
11 Members:Representative Scott, Chairman; Representative Decker, Vice-Chairman; Hoppe, Kester, Mace, Plant, Ragsdale, Swenson, Veiga, Webster, Weddig
Hide details for State, Veterans, & Military AffairsState, Veterans, & Military Affairs
9 Members:Representative Sinclair, Chairman; Representative Nunez, Vice-Chairman; Cadman, Crane, Daniel, Garcia, Grossman, Schultheis, Weddig
Hide details for Transportation & EnergyTransportation & Energy
11 Members:Representative Swenson, Chairman; Representative Larson, Vice-Chairman; Borodkin, Coleman, Mace, Ragsdale, Sinclair, Smith, Stafford, Williams S., Witwer
Hide details for Agriculture and Natural ResourcesAgriculture and Natural Resources
Members:Representative Hoppe, Chairman; Senator Isgar, Vice-Chairman; House Agriculture, Senate Agriculture

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