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Members:Senator Hernandez, Chairman; Representative Clapp, Vice-Chairman; House Health, Environent, Welfare, & Institutions , Senate Health, Environment, Children, & Families
Hide details for Joint Budget CommitteeJoint Budget Committee
Members:Senator Reeves, Chairman; Representative Young, Vice-Chairman; Berry, Owen, Saliman, Tate
Hide details for Joint EducationJoint Education
Members:Senator Matsunaka, Chairman; Representative Spence, Vice-Chairman; House Education, Senate Education
Hide details for Joint Health, Environment, Welfare, & Institutions and  Information and TechnologyJoint Health, Environment, Welfare, & Institutions and Information and Technology
Members:Representative Paschall, Chairman; Representative Clapp, Vice-Chairman; House Health, Environment, Welfare, & Institutions , House Information and Technology
Hide details for Joint JudiciaryJoint Judiciary
Members: House Civil Justice Jud., Chairman; Senate Judiciary, Vice-Chairman; House Criminal Justice
Hide details for Legal ServicesLegal Services
Members:Senator Linkhart, Chairman; Representative Lee, Vice-Chairman; Epps, Evans, Gordon, Groff, Hefley, Mitchell, Perlmutter, Plant
Members: , Chairman; , Vice-Chairman;
Hide details for Legislative AuditLegislative Audit
Members:Representative Coleman, Chairman; Senator Taylor, Vice-Chairman; Lamborn, Scott, Takis, Tupa, Vigil, Williams T.
Hide details for Legislative CouncilLegislative Council
Members:Senator Matsunaka, Chairman; Representative Dean, Vice-Chairman; Andrews, Chlouber, Fairbank, Grossman, Hillman, King, Linkhart, Musgrave, Perlmutter, Phillips, Sinclair, Spradley, Stengel, Tapia, Thiebaut, Veiga
Hide details for Transportation Legislation ReviewTransportation Legislation Review
Members: Representative (None), Chairman; Senator (None), Vice-Chairman;
Members:Representative Swenson, Chairman; Senator Nichol, Vice-Chairman; Borodkin, Coleman, Entz, Isgar, Mace, May, Ragsdale, Smith, Stafford, Takis, Teck, Tupa, Williams S., Witwer

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